OOC: New Character Requests

Please comment in this post in order to request a character. Please check the Mall User Info to see the list of taken, available, and currently locked out characters. Please do not request a character that is already taken/locked out. Original characters are by invitation only, please don't ask!

Please do not create any character journals until your character request has been approved! Once you've been approved you may create your character journal and join the community. Please do not join the community before you've been approved. People joining who have not be pre-approved will be removed from this community indefinitely.

If you are requesting a character that already has a premade journal (Alice, Sammy, Jade) please make sure that they don't have an Application, which you can find a link to on the Mall User Info next to their name on the Available Characters list. Please leave a valid email address behind so that I can send the password along once you've been approved. Your comments will be screened and visible only to the Council.

If you follow these simple steps, you'll be a member of the community in no time! ♥
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